What you'll learn

At Epicodus, you'll learn how to build web applications from top to bottom with modern technologies and practices. More importantly than any particular skill, though, you'll learn how to think like a programmer, write good code, and pick up new languages and technologies in this fast-changing industry.

We currently offer two tracks: one covering PHP, JavaScript, and Drupal, and one covering Ruby, JavaScript, and Rails.

Requirements, schedule, location

You don't need any prior education or experience. That said, we expect you to try out programming basics on your own before applying, to make sure that you actually like it. Each course has a small test to make sure you've done your homework. A good place to start learning is the Epicodus curriculum at

You will need to spend forty hours per week in class for four months, plus a few hours per week on homework. There will also be about 40 hours of pre-class homework. Class is 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, with an hour for lunch.

Our office is at 208 SW 5th Ave in downtown Portland, Oregon (please contact us before dropping in, or come to one of our regular events). We accept students from anywhere in the world.

Who we are

We're five teachers, two employment coordinators (who help connect companies with our graduates), an admissions officer, and our president. Most of our staff are Epicodus graduates themselves.

Here's what a couple past students had to say about their teachers:

Dustin, Kelly, and Mac have been incredible. They have helped me readjust my thinking and allowed me to come up with the solution, and have been patient and kind to all of us. - Debbie Cravey, Winter 2015

Both of the instructors have the uncanny ability of revealing just enough of the solution when asked for help not to rob you of those great moments of discovery when coding. - John Cech, Spring 2014

How much it costs

We offer three payment plans:

  • Pay $3,400 up-front, within a week of enrolling.
  • Pay $900 up-front, and $3,600 on the first day of class ($4,500 total).
  • Pay $150 up-front, $25 monthly for 8 months, and then $600 monthly for 8 months ($5,150 total).

How you'll learn

Most evenings and weekends, you'll watch about 20-30 minutes of video from our curriculum at These videos introduce new concepts by explaining the principles and then showing examples of how to apply them in code.

Each day, our class starts with a 5-10 minute standup, where students can share anything with the rest of the class: coding tricks they learned, interesting blog posts they read, upcoming meetups they're going to. You'll spend the entire rest of your day coding a new program each day. On Monday, you'll simply build off the example from the weekend video. Each following day, the program you're assigned to build will get progressively more difficult, until you have a solid understanding of the concept.

Monday through Thursday, you'll practice pair programming: two people sharing one computer, taking turns who uses the keyboard and mouse. By working together, you catch each other's mistakes, teach each other new skills, and come up with ideas together neither of you would have had alone. Pairing is increasingly used by tech companies (like Facebook and Square), and we've found that pair programming helps you learn faster, too.

On Friday, students work alone on a project that teachers assess and provide feedback on over the weekend.

For the last month of class, we connect our students with local software companies for full-time internships.

What happens after

Most of our students look for jobs after the course is over, and our highest priority is to help you find work you'll love. Since Epicodus is based on building projects, you'll have a portfolio of code to impress employers with. In addition to our job fair and internship program, we have two full-time staff members dedicated to connecting employers with our students.

95% of our graduates have received job offers within just over 3 months of graduating or beginning to look for work. Most of our graduates working in Portland make salaries of $35-55,000.

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