A Typical Week at Epicodus

Epicodus is nothing like a traditional classroom: it's 100% hands-on, building projects and writing code all day, every day. There are no lectures, breakout sessions, lightning talks, you name it. The best way to learn coding is to code, and that's what we spend our time on.

weekend & Evenings

Most evenings and weekends, you'll watch 30-60 minutes of video from our curriculum at www.learnhowtoprogram.com. These videos introduce new concepts by explaining the principles and then showing examples of how to apply them in code. 

In Class

In class, we write code all day, every day. Most classes begin by coding along with the homework videos, and then adding more features. After that, you'll be given a new project to build from scratch. The programs you'll build will get progressively more difficult until you have a solid understanding of the concepts you're working on.

Pair Programming

Monday through Thursday, you'll practice pair programming: two people sharing one computer, taking turns who uses the keyboard and mouse. By working together, you catch each other's mistakes, teach each other new skills, and come up with ideas together neither of you would have had alone. Pairing is increasingly used by tech companies (like Facebook and Square), and we've found that pair programming helps you learn faster, too. Every Wednesday we bring in a lunch speaker from a local tech company.

Code Review

On Friday, you'll work alone on a project that teachers provide feedback on over the weekend.

supportive instructors

"The instructors have the uncanny ability of revealing just enough of the solution when asked for help to not rob you of those great moments of discovery when coding."

- John, former student

collaborative learning

"Pair programming is awesome! I learned so much just by watching others write code and problem solve."                   

- Brentwood, former student

Student Profiles


Our classroom a big, open, beautiful room with huge windows and our own kitchen space. We're very close to MAX and major bus lines; there's secure bike parking inside (and showers); and plenty of parking lots nearby. We provide 27" iMac computers for students to work on in class, and height-adjustable sit-stand desks.


Our school is at 208 SW 5th Ave (please contact us before dropping in, or come to one of our regular events). We are:

  • 1 block from 25 food carts.
  • 5 blocks from the Portland waterfront.
  • 8 blocks from world-famous Powell's Books.
  • Walking distance from dozens of local coffee shops and breweries.
  • Right off major bus and MAX lines.


Our classes are 15 weeks, Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm.

After the coursework, we facilitate 5-week full-time internships for all of our students with local Portland companies.

We offer 3 classes: PHP/JavaScript/Drupal, Ruby/JavaScript/Rails, and Java/JavaScript/Android