Epicodus is a four month, forty hour per week, in-person class on programming for people who want to change careers into web development.

One of the changes I’m really excited about for our Spring 2014 class is that students can choose to defer tuition until after the class is over. Here are the payment plans we now offer:

  • Pay $0 up-front, and $625 monthly for 8 months after the class ($5,000 total).
  • Pay $900 up-front, and $3,600 on the first day of class ($4,500 total).
  • Pay $3,400 up-front.

I’ve worked hard to keep the cost of Epicodus down, but even with our very low tuition, many people with low-paying jobs or who can’t find work haven’t been able to afford our class. I’m excited to take this step forward in making Epicodus a place where anybody can attend, learn web programming, and get a great job.