Course length

Our class is one of the longest in the industry - four months, full time. This lets us cover our materials in great depth, teach multiple languages, and provide internships for our students, all while working at a sustainable pace.

Number of languages

We teach Ruby and JavaScript, both in great depth. We believe our students should learn to be polyglots - programmers comfortable in multiple languages - from the get-go, so that they aren’t intimidated when the need arises to learn another language on the job. The results speak for themselves: our graduates and interns work in PHP, Python, C#, and other languages they’ve learned outside of Epicodus.

Sustainable pace

We’re big believers in balance. Our class is 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and we strongly encourage our students to pursue other activities outside of class. Our minds work best when our subconscious has time to process what we’ve learned, and our four-month timeframe lets our students give their minds that processing time.


When we first started Epicodus, we looked long and hard at all of the existing books, video series, websites, and other resources for teaching people to code, and ended our search disappointed - none had the clarity, depth, and rigor we wanted for our students. So we built our own curriculum from the ground up and put it all online for free at

Classroom format

We strongly believe that the best way to learn how to code is to actually write code. So we cut out lectures, lightening talks, live coding sessions, and other fluff, and dedicated our classroom time almost solely to building apps. To introduce new concepts and tools, we use our videos from as homework.

Teamwork and communication

Writing code is only one of the skills of a great software developer - teamwork and communication are just as important. Our students pair program (two people sharing one computer, keyboard, and mouse) so that they develop great communication and teamwork skills through practice every hour of every classroom day.


For the last month of class, we give our students real-world experience by placing them into internships with local companies and having them build apps for non-profits.


We’re committed to keeping Epicodus’s tuition low. We offer one of the most affordable classes around, and give all students the option to defer most of their tuition until after the class.