Prospective Student <>
4:37 PM (16 hours ago)


I’m wondering if you could comment on the fact that your class is dramatically less expensive than just about every other boot camp out there? For example Gschool is 20k for a 6 month school. Am I correct that your school is $3,400 for four months of full time instruction? I’m trying to choose a school and yours seems like a no-brainer. Just want to make sure there isn’t something I’m missing.


Michael Kaiser-Nyman <>
10:44 PM (1 minute ago)
to Prospective Student

Hi there! 

I started Epicodus to solve two problems: my software company (Impact Dialing) and just about every other software company I’ve talked to have a very hard time finding developers to hire; and many of my friends and other people I’ve talked to have a hard time finding well-paying, rewarding work. The lower the cost of Epicodus, the more easily we can connect the people with the jobs.

Another big part of our mission is to improve access to technology jobs. I grew up in an upper-middle class family with enough money and education to expose me to computers and support my interest in them. Not everybody has those privileges that I took for granted as a child, and I want Epicodus to help level the playing field for everybody. That means keeping our classes affordable.

So when I started Epicodus, I put a very strong emphasis on keeping our costs down, and we pass our lower costs through to our students. We keep a slim staff, spend next to nothing on marketing, and try to be very thoughtful about all of our expenses. We focus on what really matters - giving our students an amazing education and making sure they find work - and don’t get distracted by the rest.

I hope that helps explain things!