Prospective Student <>
10:29 PM (16 minutes ago)


My name is ***** and I’m interested in finding a programming school. I
was just wondering why your school is much longer than the other
bootcamp style schools, 4 months opposed to 9 weeks. Do you go into
more detail than the others, or do you take a more relaxed approach?
What is your thinking on this subject?

Thanks a lot!

Michael Kaiser-Nyman <>
10:44 PM (1 minute ago)
to Prospective Student

Hi Stewart! Thanks for getting in touch. There are a few reasons
Epicodus is longer than most others.

First, we cover two languages: JavaScript and Ruby. I think it’s
really important to be a polyglot (know more than one language) from
the get-go: it strengthens your thought process, it makes it much
easier to pick up another language if you end up at a company that
uses something else, and web applications are increasingly being built
in more than one language.

Second, we do take a more relaxed approach in some sense. Class runs
for 8 hours a day, and we encourage you to have a life outside of
class. Many other programs expect you to spend much more than 8 hours
per day in class or doing homework. At Epicodus, we spend almost the
full 8 hours actually writing code, and when your mind is working that
hard, it’s very difficult to learn anything more.

Third, we spend the last month building projects for real-world
clients. This is sort of like a reverse internship, where non-profits
come to us and we build an app for free for them. This gives our
students a chance to get experience writing an app that is actually
used, collaborating on a team, and delivering a working product
regularly to a client.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.