We've been thrilled with the interest in our new class offerings for 2016, and with that interest has come a lot of questions! Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about admissions and our new course structure. If we haven't answered the specific question that you have, feel free to reach out to us at hi@epicodus.com.

1. What are the requirements for graduation?
We want to make certain that students wishing to go through our entire program, from the introductory course through the internship course, have a clear picture of the requirements and expectations for graduation. For students who are not attending our program on an a la carte basis and wish to complete the full program, please note that two courses from the Level 2 section will be required in order to be eligible to take a Level 3 class and then an internship. In other words, you will need to take a minimum of five courses to graduate: Intro to Programming, two Level 2 courses, one Level 3 course, and the internship course.

2. What does the whole program cost?
The discounted tuition for the complete track is $850/class * 5 classes = $4,250. If you pay the up-front discount, any additional courses are $850 apiece, which you can pay as you go. (Part-time Intro to Programming students pay a different rate for that particular class.)

3. Does the Internship course have a tuition price? Have you changed the cost of the program?
Yes, the internship course does cost the same $850 as the other classes. (The internship has always been considered a course with that tuition price, and dividing the program into its 5-week modules has simply made that more apparent.) What has changed is the addition of the Intro to Programming class, which lengthens the whole program by five weeks.

4. Can I call you or drop by to talk?
Since we are a small staff and are usually busy with the current students during the day, we offer a monthly drop-in hour for potential students to come by, meet with a member of the staff, see the facility, and ask questions. These drop-in sessions are usually held the first Tuesday of the month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. They are well-attended by potential and newly-accepted students. Potential students who cannot come to the drop-in hours and want to speak with us in person or by phone should email us at hi@epicodus to schedule an appointment.

5.  What if the courses I want to take are not offered in the order I prefer? I don’t want to lose momentum by waiting 5 weeks for it to be offered again.
As you plan out your time with us, please pay attention to the dates courses begin to avoid having a downtime while waiting for your preferred class to start. (For example, if you are interested in the Winter 2016 Java track, it would be best to start the whole program in March so that you could take those classes in succession.) That being said, we encourage new students to consider all the languages we offer as viable means to creating a successful career transition into coding.

6. What are the Course Tracks? What classes should I take?
We no longer have prescribed tracks for students to take, as we have now divided the program into the 5-week course blocks, allowing enrolled students to choose among the courses that are being offered at a given time. Enrolled students are now also able to take more than the minimum required 5 courses, if their time and budget allow.

That being said, there are courses that combine well together, and students are certainly welcome to take the courses we've traditionally offered together, such as: Ruby, JavaScript, Rails; PHP, JavaScript, Drupal; Java, Javascript, Android; C#, JavaScript, .NET; CSS, JavaScript, Design. The frameworks do need to come after the base language, so you should expect to take Ruby before Rails, PHP before Drupal, Java before Android, etc.