Before starting at Epicodus in the summer of 2014 in the Ruby/JavaScript class, Christian Danielsen was a high school math teacher. “I’ve always dabbled with technology and the web, and was looking for a career change,” says Christian. He was intrigued be the challenge of coding, work he finds to be incredibly satisfying. 

Christian embraced the growth mindset while he was at Epicodus. “I’ve come to believe that if I’m willing to spend enough time reading and hacking away at something, I will eventually solve it, which is a pretty amazing/empowering feeling.” His biggest piece of advice to someone considering attending code school, echoes that philosophy: “Practice embracing being overwhelmed. It never goes away, and the sooner you get comfortable with it, the easier it will be to make progress and not worry about all the stuff you don’t know yet.” 

One month after graduation, Christian landed a job as a QA automation engineer for company right across the street from Epicodus where he is learning as much as he can about working for an agile software company and trying to chip away at side projects in his free time.