We're excited to announce the formation of sourceU, a partnership between Warner Pacific University (WPU) and Epicodus in Portland.

This partnership has three benefits Epicodus wasn’t able to offer before. First, students can both attend Epicodus and earn a degree from an accredited institution. Second, sourceU students can get federal financial aid. Third, students who don't have a college degree can get Epicodus's technical education alongside WPU's liberal arts education.

The first sourceU students will begin in August 2019 with introductory college classes from WPU including writing, math, and IT basics. These will be taught in a similar way to Epicodus: full-time, one class at a time, and using the flipped classroom approach.

Next, students will join Epicodus' 27-week program in January, earning a certificate in Web and Mobile Development.

Students then take an additional four months of classes from WPU, and receive an Associate degree in only 16 months, instead of the typical 24. Finally, students can take an additional 16 months of courses from WPU and Epicodus to receive a Bachelor's degree.

If you're interested in learning more or enrolling in sourceU, visit https://sourceu.warnerpacific.edu/.