We're really excited to continue expanding Epicodus's course offerings with our newest addition, React!

React is one of the most popular frameworks for writing web application user interfaces in JavaScript. Facebook created and maintains React, and it's used by sites like Airbnb, the New York Times, Yahoo Mail, and many, many others. React pioneered an architecture using web components and one-way data flow that has since been adopted by just about every major JavaScript user interface library, including Angular and Ember.js.

In Epicodus's React course, you'll build games, messaging apps, and e-commerce sites. Once you've completed the program, we'll help you find a job as a junior developer.

Our first track including React starts May 22 in Portland with this schedule:

  • May 22 - Introduction to Programming
  • June 26 - PHP
  • July 31 - JavaScript
  • September 5 - React
  • October 10 - Internship

If you're as excited about React as we are, put in an application!