Class: Intro to Programming

Task: Build a static website

Amount of Training: 4 weeks

Languages Used: HTML, CSS

Working in teams of four, our Intro to Programming students used their newly-minted HTML and CSS chops to create a great-looking static website. Each team needed to use Git to track their website’s progress, and each project needed to include the following elements:

  • A main page and 2-3 subpages that are linked to the main page
  • All of the HTML tags the students had learned so far (p, h, ul, ol, li, em, strong, a, img, div, span)
  • A custom made stylesheet that used selectors, properties, and values
  • Divs and spans to keep the page organized
  • At least one float
  • Use of the box model to create custom border, padding, and margins around an HTML block element
  • Nesting in the stylesheet to add different styles to each child element

The group whose project is featured here, decided to build a website for a restaurant. Using a combination of Bootstrap and their own custom stylesheet, the group built a sleek website with a rotating gallery of images on the home page and subpages for the restaurant’s menu and contact information.

You can check out the full project on GitHub Pages