A few applicants have asked about our upcoming Java/JavaScript/Android class, wondering about job prospects after the class. First of all, we're strong believers in teaching students multiple languages (all of our classes cover at least two), so that graduates can feel comfortable picking up new languages on the job. In fact, many of our alumni work in different languages than the ones they studied at Epicodus.

That said, it does make things easier if you know the language of your job, and Java developers are in very high demand right now. Many Epicodus graduates already work at companies that use Java heavily, like Intel, Nike, and New Relic, and many more companies around Portland have told us they'd be eager to hire graduates trained in Java.

On top of the high demand for Java skills, the market for Android development has been exploding in recent years, and Android apps are written in Java. Since one of our classes focuses on web applications (with Rails) and one on content-heavy web sites (with Drupal), adding a mobile-focused class with Android fits in nicely with our current offerings. 

This year marks Java's 20th birthday, and it is still one of the most popular programming languages. We're excited to join the Java community and help fill its need for more developers!