What is C#?

The C# ("C sharp") programming language is most commonly used with the .NET framework. Students who are well-versed in C# programming can use it to create client applications, database applications, distributed components, and much more.

Students who learn C# programming and combine it with their knowledge of the .NET framework can target larger enterprises, government agencies, and companies serving enterprise and government clients for employment. 

Companies using C# and .NET who have hired Epicodus graduates include Windsor and Incomm.

Course Overview

The C# course builds on the programming fundamentals from our Introduction to Programming course and gives students more difficult problems to solve, a more advanced set of tools to solve them with, and establishes the foundations for learning the real-world technologies used by programmers on the job. Students will have the opportunity to learn C-sharp – widely considered as every developer’s first choice language for building Windows desktop applications. The outline of topics for this course is as follows:

  • Week 1: Behavior-Driven Development
  • Week 2: Object-Oriented Design Basics
  • Week 3: Database Basics with SQL
  • Week 4: Databases Continued
  • Week 5: Group Projects

Learning C# is vital for aspiring programmers as it is fundamental in the field of web and mobile development.