How it Works

Epicodus courses are 5 weeks long (except for our evening intro course). After being accepted to Epicodus, you'll automatically be enrolled in our Introduction to Programming course.

To graduate from Epicodus, you must complete the five courses in your track, including the internship. You're more than welcome to take additional courses as well. 

For example, one student might start out with Intro to Programming, then take Java, next take JavaScript, then take Android, and finish with an internship. Another student might start with Intro to Programming, followed by PHP, then take JavaScript, next take Drupal, and finish with an internship.

Students complete 800 hours of classroom learning, 80 hours of job and internship preparation, and at least 150 hours of internship learning. Upon graduating, you'll be awarded a Certificate in Web and Mobile Development. Most of our graduates go on to work in junior-level positions in web and mobile development, quality assurance and testing, and project management.

If you decide to pursue further education, unfortunately most educational institutions will not accept Epicodus coursework as transfer credits.

Courses Offered

Level One

These courses require no background in coding.

Intro to Programming (full-time)

Intro to Programming (evening)

Level Two

These courses require completion of a Level One course. Students intending to take a Level Three course need to take two Level Two courses. 







Level Three

These courses each have specific prerequisites, but all require the completion of at least two Level Two courses. 







All students who complete a Level Three course are eligible to enroll in a 7-week internship course, which includes 2 weeks of prep and a 5 week internship.