Financial Aid

If you’re receiving financial aid through a loan, grant, or other third-party payer, there are a couple things to be aware of:

  • You’ll pay the standard tuition (not the up-front discount).

  • To reserve your spot in class, you’ll need to pay your deposit and be approved for your loan or grant. Until you are approved, your spot is not reserved.

  • We will accept the loan or grant payment after you are invited to continue in the fourth week of your classes.


For students who aren't able to afford Epicodus's tuition up-front, we're able to provide financial aid in the form of loans from financing companies we've partnered with.

Our partnerships allow most students to get aid, even if they don't have stellar credit. Because the loans are provided by other companies, we have no control over their underwriting process and terms.

Applying with our lending partners, Skills Fund and Climb, is free and takes less than 10 minutes. If you are declined by both partners, please let us know so we can explore other options.

Epicodus students aren't eligible for traditional student loans through the US Department of Education.

Un-/Under-Employment Retraining

Oregon and Washington states have funds for employment retraining that can help pay your Epicodus tuition. They give priority to people who are receiving public assistance, unemployed, low-income, and veterans. For more information, find your local office in Oregon or Washington.

Women Who Code Scholarship

Epicodus partners with Women Who Code to provide a scholarship for our full-time program. For 2019, applications were due July 5. We look forward to participating in this program again next year.

Lesbians Who Tech Scholarship

Epicodus partners with Lesbians Who Tech to provide a scholarship for our full-time program. Queer women, non-binary, and trans students can apply with Lesbians Who Tech. For 2019, applications were due May 15. We look forward to participating in this program again next year.

Aid for part-time classes

Part-time tuition is reduced to $25 for people making under 150 percent of the federal poverty line. Send proof of income (tax returns, pay stubs, unemployment, etc.) after registering to show your eligibility. Because our tuition is already so low, we can’t offer similar discounts for the full-time program.