As part of Epicodus, local companies host students as full-time interns. It's a chance for students to learn about how development works in the real world, and a chance for companies to work with talented developers in the making.


Because of the large number of students and employers who participate in the internship program, Epicodus facilitates match-making between students and employers. Here's how it works:

  1. Students rank employers based off descriptions employers provide.

  2. Epicodus staff choose around 8 students for each employer to interview.

  3. Employers interview their matched students and provide a ranking of their preference.

  4. Students re-rank employers after their interviews.

  5. Based on employer and student rankings, Epicodus staff match students and employers to make everybody as happy as possible!

Often, employers do not get their first choice interns, because they are not those students' top choice. And often, students do not get their first choice internships, because they are not those employers' top choice. Very rarely, a student and employer may be each others' top choice but not be matched, because it would mean that a second-choice employer or student would have no other good match. 

We are almost always able to get students one of their top three choice internships, and employers at least one of their top three choice interns. That said, we can't make any guarantees: for example, we have had a very small number situations where a student's lower-ranked internship was at the only company that ranked them highly.

What to Expect from Employers

Participating employers come in all types, sizes, and missions: we've had employers range from a one-person startup to a Fortune 100 company to a non-profit. There are just two things employers must provide to participate:

  • A learning experience for the interns, in which the interns will spend at least 30 hours each week writing code.

  • An experienced developer as a mentor who will guide the interns and answer their questions.

We strongly recommend all participating employers read the internship report (PDF) we've written compiling what has worked well for employers who have participated before.

For full details on the internship process, read our employer internship agreement.

What to Expect from Students

Students begin the internship program after completing several classes at Epicodus. They are still students and are still learning. The internship should be an educational environment where students learn how to apply the skills they practiced in the classroom to real-world development.

We place interns in pairs. While the interns usually don't pair-program, they typically sit next to each other and help each other out, reducing their need to ask questions of their mentor and giving them more confidence to ask when they do have questions.

For full details on the internship process, read our student internship agreement.