What is Java?

Java is arguably the most popular programming language today. It's used for everything from web applications to backend services to mobile applications to embedded systems. Students who learn Java programming will be able to create dynamic web applications, and be able continue into our Android track.

Companies using Java who have hired Epicodus graduates include Nike and Thetus.

Course Overview

This Java programming course builds on the programming fundamentals from Introduction to Programming and gives students more difficult problems to solve and a more advanced set of tools to solve them with. It establishes the foundations for learning the real-world technologies used by programmers on the job.

  • Week 1: Behavior-Driven Development with Java
  • Week 2: Web Applications in Java
  • Week 3: Database Basics
  • Week 4: Advanced Topics in Java
  • Week 5: Group Projects

Through this Java course, students will learn how to code in Java —one of the most widely-used programming languages, used in everything from Android apps to large enterprise development.