Graduation and Employment Outcomes


Epicodus reports its graduation and employment outcomes using the CIRR methodology, an industry-wide standard for reporting student outcomes. CIRR is the only standard that:

  • accounts for 100% of enrolled students;

  • does not exclude any graduates when calculating outcomes percentages;

  • allows outcomes numbers to be compared across schools.

As a CIRR member school, you can be sure that the numbers below are fair and honest, and you can compare our students' outcomes to other CIRR schools. If you're considering attending a non-CIRR school, be aware that their numbers are not directly comparable to ours, and they may be excluding students and omitting data. For more information on why Epicodus is a founding member of CIRR and has agreed to use consistent and transparent metrics, see our blog post.

July-December 2017

146 students finished classes in Portland with graduation dates in July-December 2017.



On-Time Graduation Rate


Median Starting Salary


73% of job obtainers reported salaries


Verified Employment outcomes 180 days after graduation


53.4% Full-time hired in-field

15.8% Full-time contract/self-employed/part-time

21.2% No verified 180-day employment, which is made up of...

23% ...employed after 180 days;

13% ...with LinkedIn profiles indicating they are employed;

61% ...who did not participate in career services; and

3% ...still actively seeking work.

5.5% Not seeking work

4.1% Didn't respond


Most frequent job titles:

  • Web Developer (9%)

  • Junior Software Engineer (7%)

  • Front End Developer (4%)

  • Junior Software Developer (2%)


Download our full CIRR report.