First five weeks free!

For our full-time Portland classes starting July 30, we're letting students enroll in Epicodus for free for the first five weeks. At the end of the fourth week of classes, if you've passed all of your code reviews, complied with our attendance policy, and followed our code of conduct, you'll be invited to continue with the remainder of our program.

To ensure that you're committed to attending, we'll ask you to make a $100 deposit to hold your spot in the class. Your deposit is refundable so long as you attend the first day of class. If you continue with the program, you can apply your deposit to your tuition.

This is a pilot program that we may or may not repeat at later dates or at our Seattle campus.


At Epicodus, we serve many people who, by birth or circumstance, don't have easy access to the skills they need to get great jobs. We strive to keep our tuition affordable to those who need us the most.

Besides our low tuition, we also facilitate loans and scholarships.

Tuition at Epicodus is unfortunately not tax deductible. 


The tuition for our full-time, 27-week program includes: 20 weeks of in-person coursework spread over 4 modules, 2 weeks of internship preparation, a 5-week internship placement, job search preparation, and job search support for up to a year after graduating.

We offer two payment plans, both of which include a non-refundable $100 enrollment fee. Most of our students pay their full tuition within a week of being accepted and receive almost 20% off our standard tuition. There are no other fees or required materials.

  • Standard Tuition: $8,500

Pay the non-refundable $100 enrollment fee within one week of acceptance to reserve your seat in class. Your first payment of $2,100 is due on the first day of class with three subsequent payments of $2,100 due every four week. 

  • Up-front Discount Tuition: $6,900

Pay for the full 27-week program within one week of acceptance to receive the discounted rate ($100 non-refundable enrollment fee included).


Tuition for our part-time, evening Introduction to Programming course is $600 and includes a non-refundable $60 enrollment fee. If you continue to our full-time program, your part-time tuition will be applied as a credit. We are dedicated to making the course affordable and accessible. Significantly reduced tuition is available for people making under 150 percent of the federal poverty line. 


Because we have limited space at Epicodus, we strongly encourage you to only enroll if you're sure you can attend. We hate turning away applicants, and it's even more painful if someone we accept then drops out. That said, at any time, for any reason, you can withdraw from Epicodus and receive a refund as follows:

  • If you withdraw within 5 days of signing the enrollment agreement, but before the start of class, we will refund your tuition completely.
  • If you withdraw after 5 days of signing the enrollment agreement, but before your class starts, we will refund all but the non-refundable enrollment fee. 

  • If you withdraw after your program starts, we will refund your tuition minus the enrollment fee, in proportion to the remaining weeks in the program.
  • If you withdraw after halfway through your program, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Refunds will be calculated based on the date you notify us of your intent to withdraw and be issued within 30 days of that notification.

If you would like to postpone your enrollment, you will be subject to an additional $100 enrollment fee.

In the very unlikely event you are expelled from Epicodus, you will receive a refund on the same schedule as if you had withdrawn.