Our Mission

Epicodus's mission is to help people learn the skills they need to get great jobs. For us, “great jobs” means jobs in growing industries that pay well and provide rewarding work. Beyond the particular skills needed to get these jobs, we aim to help our students become confident self-teachers who can adapt to changing job markets, and great communicators who will work well in teams. We focus on serving people who, by birth or circumstance, don't have easy access to learning the skills they need to get these great jobs.

Our Story

Our president, Michael Kaiser-Nyman, founded Epicodus in 2012. After becoming frustrated with how difficult it was to hire programmers for his software company, he talked with other employers and discovered he wasn't alone. At the same time, he knew many people who were struggling to find work. He realized that if there were a school that taught practical software development skills, people could get great jobs and companies could hire the staff they need.

Epicodus's first class started in early 2013 with just Michael and 8 students. Since then, we've grown to more than a dozen staff and hundreds of students and alumni.

Our Staff

All of our teaching staff are Epicodus alumni who excelled in their courses. We've found that our alumni are incredibly effective teachers, as they've experienced the same struggles you will, and know how best to help you through them.


Amber Arnold, Student Services

Debbie Cravey, Enrollment & Alumni

Jill Glenn, Jobs & Internships

Leroi Dejesa, Teaching & Design


Audrey Scrugham, Career Services

Elysia Nason, Teaching

  John Franti, Campus Director/Teacher, Seattle


Lina Shadrach, Teaching


Courtney Phillips, Curriculum


Franz Knupfer, Teaching


Jonathan Buchner, Teaching


Melody Manns, Jobs & Internships

Michael Kaiser-Nyman, President

Perry Eising, Faculty Lead/Teacher


Tim White, Compliance & Logistics


Mike Goren, Development & IT


Rachel Bussert, Jobs & Internships


Tyler Suderman, Teaching

Noah Ramey, Teaching


Rebecca Gardner, CEO


Epicodus, Inc. is owned by Michael Kaiser-Nyman.


Epicodus is governed by the:

Higher Education Coordinating Commission
775 Court St. NE
Salem, OR 97301


This school is licensed under Chapter 28C.10 RCW.

Inquiries or complaints regarding this private vocational school may be made to the:

Workforce Board
128 – 10th Ave. SW, Box 43105
Olympia, Washington 98504
[email protected]