General Questions

How do you pronounce "Epicodus"?


can I call you or drop by to talk?

Since we are a small staff and are usually busy with the current students during the day, we ask you to start by emailing us. Additionally, we offer a 30-minute info session at the beginning of our free Saturday workshops for potential students to meet with a member of the staff, see the facility, and ask questions. Potential students who cannot come to an info session and have questions not answered on our website should email us at hi@epicodus, and we can find a time to talk.

can i work while taking full-time classes at epicodus?

Many of our students hold part-time jobs while at Epicodus. They tell us that it's not too bad if your work is on the weekend, but working more than one night per week is really tough.

what is the background of a typical Epicodus student?

There isn't really a typical student at Epicodus. Most have not taken computer science classes in college, although some have. Some have not gone to college at all. Past graduates have been call center staff, sales representatives, security guards, insurance claims processors, and just about anything else you can think of. Very few have worked in tech before.

I have coding experience. can i test out of the Intro class?

We’ve tried this before, but given the near-universal failure rate and the high burden it puts on our staff to assess, we just can't offer this option. Our Intro class goes into far more detail about basic coding concepts and tools than most students have coming in, especially around use of Git.

Can minors attend Epicodus?

Anybody can attend our evening classes. Minors may only attend our full-time classes if they have a high school diploma or GED, or are emancipated.

What kind of computer should I have?

As a student, you'll have access to the Epicodus classroom and computers from 7am - 11pm every day. Even if you don't have a computer now, you can always use ours. If you're considering purchasing a new computer, most web developers use Macs, and even the lowest-end Mac models will have enough power for the type of work we do. Epicodus students receive a discount from the local Apple store (ask us for details after you are fully enrolled). Most C# developers use Windows; if you're considering buying a PC, make sure it meets the requirements for Visual Studio 2017.

Epicodus Classes

how many students are in your Courses?

Our school is in a large, open area with all of our classes in one space. Each course has around 30 students and one primary teacher.

By the end of class, will i be able to build my own apps?

Absolutely. That's the whole point of Epicodus - for you to be able to build things!

how do you handle differences in coding skills?

Students come to Epicodus with a wide range of coding experience, on top of which, everybody learns at a different pace. As a student, you will have the ability to pair with classmates of varying backgrounds, skill levels, and experience, and we have found that all of those combinations give our students many worthwhile opportunities to both learn from and mentor their classmates throughout the program.

Why don't you teach Python/Node.js/MongoDB/something else?

Our goal is to teach good programming fundamentals, problem-solving, and teamwork. The choice of languages and tools is secondary, and designed to align with the needs of the technology marketplace. Many of our graduates have gone on to work in other languages and with other tools - the important thing is that they left Epicodus with good fundamentals.

How do you choose pairs?

In the beginning of the course, we suggest random pairs. After the first couple weeks, we'll make suggestions of people you might work well with. For most of the course, you choose who you pair with, and the only rule is that you can't pair with the same person two days in a row. As the class goes on, most students find a dozen or so of their peers that they naturally gravitate towards working with.


I'm moving from out of town. Where should I live?

We try to choose office space near major transit lines, so that students can easily find housing in many areas. Many students are able to find housing on Craigslist or Padmapper; some find a temporary place on Airbnb when they first move, as house-hunting is much easier in person. In Portland, past students have found student housing at University PointeCollege Housing Northwest, and Footprint NW. Some students usually coordinate house-hunting through the student forum.

Can you help me get a visa?

We welcome students from anywhere in the world and would love to have you attend our courses. Unfortunately, we just don't have the resources to help anyone with visas or other immigration issues. Epicodus is not accredited, so a student visa may not be the right option. We recommend that applicants research their own particular situation.

We are also unable to secure internships for foreign students through our program. International students who have come through our program have had very limited success in finding internships or jobs in the U.S. after finishing our courses. While we will still offer you career services support, we know from past experience that most international students are not able to find a job here after graduating and return to their home country to find work.