Epicodus offers full-time courses in languages such as C#, JavaScript, Ruby, and more. Every track starts with Introduction to Programming, and includes an advanced JavaScript course, as well as two language-specific courses — four five-week sessions in total. In addition, students complete two weeks of job and internship prep and finish their studies with a five-week internship. Here is a snapshot, in terms of hours: 

800 hours


80 hours


150 hours


As a graduate, you'll be awarded a Certificate in Web and Mobile Development. Most of our graduates go on to work in positions like Junior Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Project Manager.

Note that if you decide to pursue further education, most educational institutions will not accept Epicodus coursework as transfer credits.


Epicodus offers a part-time version of the Introduction to Programming course. This course covers the fundamentals of web design and web development. Upon completing the course, you may continue into the full-time program if you wish.

A Typical Week at Epicodus

Epicodus is nothing like a traditional classroom: it's 100% hands-on, building projects and writing code all day, every day. There are no lectures, breakout sessions, lightning talks, or anything like that. The best way to learn coding is to code, and that's what we spend our programming classes doing.


Homework is typically 30-60 minutes of video or text lessons from our curriculum at www.learnhowtoprogram.com. These lessons introduce new concepts by explaining the principles and then showing examples of how to apply them in code. 


Here's what a typical day looks like at Epicodus:

"Pair programming is awesome! I learned so much just by watching others write code and problem solve."

- Brentwood, former student

  • 8am Pair up with another student, check in, get ready for the day's project

  • 8:30 Announcements

  • 8:40 Start coding on the day's project with your pair

  • Noon Lunch

  • 1pm Add new features to the morning's project, or start a new project from scratch

  • 4:30 Peer code review with another pair

  • 4:45 Debrief with your pair

  • 5:00 Day ends

Pair Programming

Most class days, you'll practice pair programming: two people sharing one computer, taking turns who uses the keyboard and mouse. By working together, you catch each other's mistakes, teach each other new skills, and come up with ideas together neither of you would have had alone. Pairing is increasingly used by tech companies (like Facebook and Square), and we've found that pair programming helps you learn programming concepts faster, too.

Code Review

If you're in a full-time programming course, on Fridays, you'll work alone on a project that teachers provide feedback on the following week in your student portal. For evening courses, you'll complete this project on your own time.

"The instructors have the uncanny ability of revealing just enough of the solution when asked for help to not rob you of those great moments of discovery when coding."

- John, former student


The Epicodus philosophy is to help students build teamwork skills and self-reliance. Our coding instructors are mostly there to help you when you're stuck or don't understand something.

When you have a question, you'll start by working with your pair to figure out the answer. If the two of you can't figure out the answer, you'll ask another pair of students, as answering each other’s questions is one of the best ways to learn. If you still can't figure out the answer, our teachers are always there to help and explain.

Since our teachers are Epicodus alumni themselves, they've experienced the same struggles you will, and know how best to help you through them. We have approximately 1 teacher for every 30 students.

Lunch speakers

Often on Wednesdays, we bring in a lunch speaker from a local tech company so that you hear the perspective of real people working in the programming industry.



Our classrooms are big, open spaces with lots of windows and our own kitchen. We provide giant 27" iMac computers for students to work on in class, and height-adjustable sit-stand desks. We're very close to light rail and major bus lines; there's bike parking inside; and plenty of parking lots nearby.

Our offices are wheelchair accessible, and while they haven't been formally audited for accessibility, we have informally been told that they are very accessible.

We are welcoming of gender diversity at Epicodus and have a policy of inclusivity in our restroom facilities.

Please let us know if you have any concerns about our physical space or classroom environment.