New: Part-Time JavaScript + React Track!

Epicodus is now offering a part-time track for students looking to go beyond our part-time Intro to Programming class: JavaScript + React. Learn more on our blog announcement!

Our graduates have gone on to work for such companies as:



Epicodus is the most affordable full-time, in-person code school, and one of the few programs that includes an internship with a tech company as well as job search support.  Students graduate with real-life work experience already on their resumes, a dedicated team to help land their first job, and a close community of peers and instructors supporting them along the way.


Our Program Structure

3 weeks

Intro to Programming

17 weeks

JavaScript/React and C#/.NET or Ruby/Rails

5 weeks




Students Come First

We value transparency. Especially when it comes to our students' success. That's why our student outcomes have always been publicly visible right on our website. We're also a founding member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, aiming to standardize the same transparency in code schools throughout the nation.




“Through Epicodus, I was able to land a job at a creative agency and I am finally doing fulfilling work. They provided an environment for me to learn something new, work with others, and help me achieve my goals. If you are dedicated and are willing to spend many hours outside of this program studying, you will succeed. The work you put in will reflect how soon you obtain a job after the program.”

Alex Fallenstedt 


Citizen, Inc.




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