Update: this position has been filled.

This position will be based in Seattle, but we are open to Portland applicants who want to train up in Portland and then move to Seattle in 1-2 months.

Who we are: Epicodus is a vocational school for people who want to become programmers. We train our students in high-demand programming skills, and then help them find work with software companies. Our mission is to help people get better jobs, and many of our students were formerly unemployed or working for low wages.

What it's like working here: We have 8 employees in Portland and are growing to 3 in Seattle. Work-life balance is a big deal: we work 35 hour weeks and take about 30 days paid time off yearly (and we actually take them). Collaboration is also a big deal, and so we mostly work at the same place (downtown) at the same time (9am-5pm). That said, we're also flexible, and shifting around hours a bit here and there is common: most of our employees work short days from home on Fridays. We work on 27" iMacs and adjustable sit-stand desks. With the meaningful work we do, the strong support we give each other, and the healthy work-life balance, many of our staff say this is one of the best work situations they've had.

Why we're hiring: Epicodus is looking for someone to help us connect our graduates with employers. A major reason for our students' success in finding employment after graduating is that we have staff working full-time to tell employers about what we do, and let them know about our demo days, internship program, and how to hire our students.

About the job: Your job will consist of finding companies who are interested in hiring Epicodus graduates, talking to them about Epicodus, and plugging them into our employment programs (internships, demo days, and direct hiring). To find companies, you'll make phone calls, send emails, network on LinkedIn, and go to events. You'll also organize our internship program and demo days.

The pay: This position starts at $42,000 per year. Every year, you'll receive a $6,000 raise, until you reach $66,000. We offer medical and dental benefits, and a 401(k) (without employer matching).

Qualifications: We're looking for someone who is above all else good at communicating, specifically writing emails, talking on the phone, and meeting in person. No previous experience is required, although if you have experience in sales or related work you'll likely have naturally developed these skills. 

The application: Send an email to michael@epicodus.com explaining why you'd be good at this job. Much of what you'll be doing in this position is emailing companies to tell them why they should consider hiring Epicodus graduates, so an email about why we should consider hiring you will be a good indicator of your potential. Try not to "oversell" yourself - let your email tell your story of how you'd be a good fit for the position by giving examples of your experiences (personal and professional) that have prepared you for this job. Don't include a resume - we're more interested in your ability to write an email that tells your story, than your ability to write a resume that lists your experience.

Evaluation: When we review your application, we'll be looking for these things:

* A strong opening that gives a quick reason why you're a good fit for the position
* Examples from past work or other experience that show why you'll be good at this job
* Brevity (can you write an email that is concise enough for a busy employer to read through?)
* Proper spelling and grammar

Candidates who have a strong email application will be given a phone interview to evaluate your phone skills, and then an in-person interview to evaluate your in-person communication skills.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!