What We Do For You

Resume and Cover letter Review

Part way through each course, students prepare resumes and cover letters, which our staff members review before the students move on to internships and job interviews. 

Interview Prep

All students practice technical and non-technical interviewing so that you're ready and comfortable when the real interviews come around.

Portfolio Assessments

Since our curriculum is based on building projects, grads have a portfolio of code ready to impress potential employers. 

Job search

Our staff check job boards daily to find appropriate positions for our alumni, and share them on our internal job boards. We also reach out to local companies to find jobs that aren't posted online.


After completing their classwork at Epicodus, students intern with local companies.

Demo Days

Several times each year, Epicodus hosts a demo day where employers can see projects that students soon to graduate have built.

Results That Matter

Epicodus's primary goal is to help people learn the skills they need to fill jobs as software developers. Throughout our full-time courses, we'll help get you prepared to look for work. After graduating from a full-time program, we'll help you find job opportunities and check in with you at least once per week until you find a job. If you take time off or your first job ends, we'll continue to support you up to a year after you graduate.

572 students began Epicodus courses that ended before August 2016.

Of the 493 who graduated before August 2016:

  • 404 found work as software developers (including 22 who freelance or run their own business)
  • 15 decided not to become software developers
  • 1 has not found work as a developer
  • 49 have not yet looked for work on a regular basis
  • 24 are not in touch with us

Of the 382 who work as developers for someone other than themselves, and reported their offer date:

  • 341 received job offers within 99 days of graduating or beginning to look for work
  • 18 received job offers in more than 99 days

At their first software development position, Epicodus graduates in the Portland area typically make mid-$30k to mid-$50k/year.

We can't guarantee when or if you'll find a job, but we will do our absolute best to help you do so.