Give the Gift of Code

If you know someone who would love to learn how to program, Epicodus's part-time Intro to Programming classes could be the perfect gift for them. Our 15-week part-time courses are available in-person at our Portland and Seattle offices. No coding experience necessary!

Here's some of what we'll cover:

  • HTML and CSS: The presentation and styling languages of the web

  • Git: The tool programmers use to track their code

  • Command line: The tool programmers use to interact with their computers

  • Markdown: A simple language for documents

  • JavaScript: The programming language of the web

  • jQuery: A JavaScript library for making interactive web pages

  • Bootstrap: A framework for easily creating good-looking websites

Students who complete Intro to Programming have the option to continue to our full-time career-track program.

Upon making your purchase, you'll be emailed a code that your gift recipient can use for their tuition. This page is only for purchasing gifts; the name on the card must be different than the name of the student enrolling.

Any questions? Email