Programming Classes in Seattle

Learn to code in Seattle – home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world such as Expedia, Amazon, and Microsoft. Enroll in part-time and full-time programming classes and learn to code in HTML, C#, Javascript, and .NET while kick starting your programming career as a web or mobile developer!


We offer a monthly info session for prospective students to come by, meet with a member of the staff, see the facility, and ask questions. These Q&A sessions are held the first Tuesday of the month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm in our office at 1201 3rd Ave, Suite 1660, Seattle, WA 98101.

Full-time Program

May 22, 2017 (enrolling now!)

The following full-time track begins on May 22, 2017.

May 22

Jun 26

Jul 31

Sep 5

Oct 9

Dec 1

June 26, 2017 (enrolling now!)

The following full-time track begins on June 26, 2017.

JUN 26

JUL 31



Nov 13

Jan 12

July 31, 2017 (enrolling now!)

The following full-time track begins on July 31, 2017.

JUl 31

sep 5

Oct 9

Nov 13

Jan 2

Feb 16

Part-time Introduction to Programming Course

The part-time schedule is Monday and Wednesday 6-9pm for 15 weeks.

INTRO part-time
APR 17 - jul 26

INTRO part-time
JUL 31 - NOV 8

INTRO part-time
NOV 13 - mar 7

Why Seattle?

Given its reputation as one of the tech and IT hubs of the nation, The Emerald City represents an ideal location for you to learn programming and pursue a career in the technology industry. Our coding classes will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to programming and provide a platform for you to learn more and become a successful programmer.  

Epicodus is located on 1201 3rd Ave – right in the heart of downtown Seattle. The popular Pike Place Market is among the local attractions that is a short walk away, and the location provides picturesque views of Elliot Bay, downtown Seattle, and the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.   

Check out what a typical week is like for Epicodus students as they learn to code in Seattle! 

What We Offer


The first full-time programming track of 2017 will begin on January 2nd and will last till July 7th, covering C# ProgrammingJavaScript Programming.NET Programming, and the Introduction to Programming course. In order to help students in their programming job and internship search, Epicodus also provides job and internship training as part of its full-time programming course.


Epicodus offers a part-time Introduction to Programming course in Seattle, which covers the fundamentals of web design and web development, allowing students to build webpages and master the basics of programming.

The part-time schedule is Monday and Wednesday 6-9pm for 15 weeks. The next part-time Introduction to Programming course starts April 17th, 2017. After completing a part-time Introduction to Programming course, you can continue in our full-time program.


Programming students at Epicodus take four five-week classroom courses, do two weeks of job and internship prep, and finish their studies with a five-week internship immediately following their coursework. In total, you'll complete 800 hours of classroom learning, 80 hours of job and internship preparation, and at least 150 hours of internship learning. 

As a graduate, you'll be awarded a Certificate in Web and Mobile Development. Most of our graduates go on to work as junior-level web and mobile developers. Some also take on roles in quality assurance, testing, and project management.

Unfortunately, if you decide to pursue further education, most institutions will not accept Epicodus coursework as transfer credits. 

2017 Holiday Schedule

Epicodus is closed for these holidays in 2017:

·        Martin Luther King Jr Day (Monday, January 16)

·        Memorial Day (Monday, May 29)

·        Independence Day (Tuesday, July 4)

·        Labor Day (Monday, September 4)

·        Veterans Day (observed Friday, November 10)

·        The entire week of Thanksgiving (Monday-Friday, November 20-24)

·        The last week of the year (December 25-29).