Photo courtesy of Mike Harris

Photo courtesy of Mike Harris

Before applying to Epicodus, Mike Harris was working as an intern for the Washington Redskins in their Football Operations Department and helping out his parents with their laundromat business. Always interested in how websites were made, Mike decided to try Codecademy courses on the side before making the switch to full-time learning at Epicodus.

Mike enrolled in the Ruby/JavaScript/Rails course, where he quickly discovered just how much time goes into making simple apps such as Scrabble-like games and to-do lists.

"The environment Epicodus has is like nothing you'll ever experience. The teachers are helpful, charismatic, and energetic, which positively affects us as students."

For anyone considering code school in the future, Mike advises recording "ah-ha" moments. Writing down new techniques and tricks helps work through how you get to learning breakthroughs. "Writing down how you solved errors is very helpful in the long run," he says.

Since graduating in May, Mike has plans to land a job as a junior developer and continue to grow his programming skill set.